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Knockaird is in the far north of Ness, and overlooks the Clan Morrison fortified island site of Dun Eistean. Click here to view some photos of archaeologists excavating at this site.




The name Knockaird is Gaelic for "the high hill" - which is relative as although the village is only at a height of 38 metres it is on one of the few high points of the north Lewis plain and overlooks the shallow valley containing the Loch Stiapabhat nature reserve.


It once had 3 shops; Buth Nora Dhomhnaill a' Choire - Nora Morrison. Small grocery.

Buth Dholaidh Aonghaid Oig - Donald Maclean. Grocer.

Buth Anna Shrachain - Annie MacDonald. Grocer/general. Rationed confectionery was always available here during World War II.  (Criomagan March/April 1996)


Knockaird borders the villages of Fivepenny Ness and Port of Ness



Click Here for Maps of the Area


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