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Lionel School has both a primary and two year secondary.


It was in September 1937 that the new school at Lionel opened. It set a standard for school buildings in Lewis.  It was formally opened by Mr J. W. Peck, secretary of the Scottish Education Department. 




The Decca Station is located in Lionel.  The Decca Navigator system was based on radio signals sent by a chain of transmitting stations that were then picked up by special receivers aboard ships or aircraft. This allowed relatively accurate positions to be plotted on navigational charts. Until GPS it was the standard navigational aid for ships and aircraft operating round the coats of Western Europe and the world. The Hebridean chain, which was the last one to be built in the UK, was completed in 1977.  there was 2 transmitting stations in the Western Isles - at Lionel and on Barra.



In the mid 1990's the UK Decca Navigator transmitters were automated and controlled remotely from a central control room in Edinburgh, this removed the need for resident engineers at the stations. With this and also the availability of GPS the income to Decca was reduced and so at midnight on the 31st of March 2000 the Lionel Decca station was permanently shut down.


The Decca buildings are now rented out as residential accommodation as Decca Cottages.  (Decca info taken from Fios article 7 April 2000)



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